These photo collections explore the house, the nearby scenic countryside and the Medievil city of Mirepoix. You can see our quirky and unusual artistic details of decorations in the house in photos taken by the owner, visitors and friends.

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House Overview

House from South

Looking at the house from the South

Out and About

Lagard Castle and Mountains

Lagard Castle and Mountain View with roof tiles – Cool!

Details and Arty Bits

Hand-glazed tiles by Christina Bonnett, Artist

Hand-glazed tiles in the bathroom – got a bit carried away trying out patterns!

Mirepoix – a Little Look

The Couverts

The Couverts are all around the square. Note the half timbered buildings.

Original Artwork, crafts and decorations in the house were made by the owner and friends who have stayed at the house.

All images are digital versions of original photos were taken with personal cameras by the owner and friends who have stayed at the house or visited the places depicted.

Copyright 1998 – ., Creators, artists and friends. All rights reserved


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